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 As I've said for years, I like this franchise. The past year though, I've found it a popularity contest thing.

On the US show, Sasha was a better dancer, but cutie Melanie won. 

On the Canadian one, Melisa was the strongest dancer, followed closely by Shane, and Lauren was also pretty good. Jordan is quite good, but not as much as the others... but at the start I said "She's flexible, and she's a redhead; she'll win." That's exactly what happened.
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Glee must have been an inspiration for this show: I missed episode 2 of The Sing-Off on TV, so via proxy I'm watching it online right now.

A Capella. When I could sing, I was obsessed with it,  It's a given that I'd dig this show!

I don't envy the judges, although I don't find them critical.
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That was almost anti-climactic... at least Amanda was the runner-up.

There were a few surprises. I'm just disappointed that Luka Crazylegs wasn't brought back. He was inspirational.
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I haven't posted about this since the beginning. Sorry.

To keep to the original scheduling plans, two men and women were eliminated. One was disappointing. I preferred Danielle to Janick - but both paled in dance skill to Natalie, and she was cut.

On the male side I was sad to lose Sebastian. I was rooting for him to win this year, but he's had a few bad weeks.

Of the 4 cut, I'm not that sad about McKenzie. In solos he proved to be more of a gymnast than a dancer proper.

I know who I'm rooting for now, but I don't want to jinx them by saying who it is aloud. :)
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They are trying to be different this year. Also, the talent couldn't be cut down further.

Shavar doesn't deserve to be there though. It also is a hypocritical choice, since Jolena was cut for a similar reason last year.
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Well, not quite. The Top 20 will be chosen tonight.

The dancers from Vancouver were varied in styles, which I liked a lot.

Not surprising: the Montreal auditions interested me a lot. I was fascinated by Hip Hop dancer Luka Crazylegs, a  guy who worked around his disability and crutches. He made it through 2 rounds of the finals, but the judges reluctantly cut him before ballroom, because he couldn't partner.

I'm really curious who will be chosen!
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A lot of cannon fodder... I mean finalists from Toronto last night! Makes sense: the show is based there.

There were a lot of hip-hop dancers from there too. One  of them reminded me of Comfort from the US. That isn't a good thing...
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I tried to post this while my DVR was recording the finale, but the post was lost. Now, the Canadian one starts soon, so I wanted to get this out there. Updates are in bold:

- with a regular panel of judges and only a few guests, we didn't have to see Mary Murphy past the auditions. She was at the finale though. Unfortunately we also didn't see Little C. He danced on it.

Kent proved that he was already an artist the performance night when the emotion of a routine proved more important to him than its steps. Judge Adam Shankman said that it proved he didn't need the show. He was the runner up.

The best dancer was Robert, but I figured that Kent would be the favorite. Robert was indeed in 3rd place.

Ultimately I was wrong. Congratulations to Lauren!
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2 days after now, I'm hopefully not spoiling this for many. :)

So the final person eliminated was Adechike.

Of the 4 left, it's no surprise. As the only female left Lauren had to stay (she's too young to be called a woman yet, but it would be patronizing to call her a girl). Robert is an excellent dancer, and Kent may ultimately be champion.

It's just cold how he was cut with his idol Desmond Richardson on stage too.
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This week Ashley was eliminated, for the 2nd week in a row due to injury. She didn't even perform!

Now Laurel is the only woman left in the competition.

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I really feel bad for Alex: in a rehearsal for this week he got injured, a separation of an Achilles Tendon. He'll be out for recovery for 3 months. That eliminated him from the competition.

To go from the most talked about dance last week to being cut. I really feel bad for him.
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We had the first tap-dancer here in Canada last year (Russel even made the final 4). Melinda is the first I've seen make it in the US (they had a hoofer in Evan, but not a pure tapper).

They had some amazing stuff this week. Alex performed an amazing hip hop routine with Twitch that I suspect will be on YouTube or Hulu as I type this... Melinda just couldn't work well in other styles.

She's quite easy on the eyes though. I won't be surprised if someone hires her immediately.
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Billy Bell looked awkward this week. I expected him to make bottom three - but he was safe. The two strongest routines this week were the ballroom numbers performed by Robert and Catrina - but they were both in danger. Worse, she was the one cut!

I'm already starting to see some of the patterns of this season: I can already see the ringer.


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