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I haven't posted here in months, and my first post back is introspection? Well... we're less than 24 hours away from 2013, so I found it necessary.
2012 had some lows for me... as I spoke of before I had a 3-day hospital stay due to an infection in May. I haven't had to stay in a hospital since I was 1 month-old.
My MS progressed this year. The same part of my brain that controls my balance also controls my speech and vision (the cerebellum). They are both very messed up.
I had my first real episode in 11 years, with my left hand getting weak. As a result I couldn't even hold a cup by myself for nearly 2 months.
I didn't attend WizardWorld: Toronto this year, nor a reunion of high school, and Con*Cept was cancelled this year for a dearth of manpower to run it.
The year had a few good things too. Most important I was published again, and have begun to see profits from it. I have 3 (and maybe 4) other versions of the product to write, so many more profits are to come.
A 1st-year resident from Emergency at the Jewish General Hospital came to me this spring; I busked with him in 1987. He went back to school to study medicine. He finally got his life fixed up, and I'm glad he did.
In the fall I met up with a guy that I worked with nearly 23 years ago. This has really been a year for me for re-encounters!
I didn't make it to 50 K in NaNoWriMo again this year, but I achieved nearly 24 K. That's better than 2011, when I wrote less than 19 K; I was so upset that I thought about quitting my job. Fortunately the new Director for my work program is a nicer person (no one liked the last one; she was why I wanted to quit).
I did attend the Montreal Comic-con this year. I saw Jim Starlin, David Finch and Darwin Cooke (those last two again) and saw William Shatner, Roddy McDowell too, met Wil Weaton (he's really cool in person), Laura Vandervoot (she played Supergirl on Smallville, but to me she'll always be Sadie from Instant Star)... I also re-met a friend that I hadn't seen in nearly a decade, as well as a friend from NaNo and his step-daughter, who's dating my nephew. It was a great event.
- oh. No surprise: the Mayan Apocalypse didn't happen.
2013 will see many more publications from me, and more cool encounters. I'm looking forward to it.
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 Script Frenzy 2011 I wrote 30 pages of. NaNoWriMo less than 20,000 words. As a writer, these are disasters.

These are reasons that I won't really miss this year.

There were other things to the year. Some good, some bad. The two I mentioned above matter to me a lot.
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I got back into being professionally published this year, and I got a pin to commemorate my 2009 Aurora award win. I had a second nomination in 2010 too.

In 2010 I was one of 5 entrants in the Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) to go to Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia. I  wrote over 24 K  of my novel for November.

This year I also had to have Squeaky put down, 3 friends died, and my first uncle.

2011 will hopefully have less bad than good!
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With a little under two days to go, I thought this would be a good time to look over the year that was:

2009 was a karmically good year for me. I won an Aurora Award as the first in Canada to win with a comicbook-based magazine. My friend Janet Hetherington has won for reporting on comics, but this is bigger in breadth. No amount of bellitling her accomplishment; it's still huge. I'm just explaining the difference. I completed my third year of work at the Action Centre. I finally have a new and far less troublesome PC.

Karma works both ways: I couldn't see my award win in person because of a fall that morning... the good outweighed the bad though.

Hopefully 2010 will be even better!


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