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I saw my recording of this last night.

I was a little disappointed at both the major singing numbers were already featured in the commercial. there were 2 other numbers within the show, but neither was as big a deal.

I'm biased to Katherine McPhee. I think she should have won American Idol her year, not "Mike McDonald II". Here she's getting well-deserved exposuree.
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 Script Frenzy 2011 I wrote 30 pages of. NaNoWriMo less than 20,000 words. As a writer, these are disasters.

These are reasons that I won't really miss this year.

There were other things to the year. Some good, some bad. The two I mentioned above matter to me a lot.
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Dec. 1st, 2011 09:34 pm
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 It took me a day to process this: NaNoWriMo 2011 led to my most depressing wordcount. Now I've woofed five in a row.

My self-confidence has now taken a huge hit. I'm still intending to go for an even 10 next year, but after that I don't know.
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 Today is already a heavy one as Remembrance Day, as we honor the soldiers of  too many wars...  but today is also the 3rd anniversary of the death of my brother-from-another-mother, Emru Townsend.

My novel is dedicated to him.
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Last night I closed my pull list at Astro Books. After 30 + years of comicbooks in paper, I'm going to digital. I can no longer spare floor space for them.

I'll still pick up a few at the end of this month (I didn't get all the DCnU issue 1s) but after that no more paper ones.
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It's bad enough that they remade Footloose (maybe Kevin Bacon will sue); bad enough that Dirty Dancing is  being remade. One remake I've seen a trailer for upsets me even more:

The Thing

John Carpenter has already made a legendary version of this. Why would we need another?

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 Like last season, it started weak. It picked up 3 episodes in - and not just because Donny Most (Ralph Malph on Happy Days) was a guest star.  The stories are heating up.
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 Pan-Am. Two episodes in and it just doesn't grip me.
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Yesterday I saw a digitized video from 1980, when my cousins' grandparents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

I saw many people who are no longer alive. My dad didn't even recognize himself!

I also saw myself at age 12. I'm no longer used to myself without a beard!
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It's about 33 days away now.

I realized that my original plan will be too complex for a month's project. Instead, I'll be using another idea. It seems that I'll be doing a western with SF concepts... but not Cowboys and Aliens.
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 As I've said for years, I like this franchise. The past year though, I've found it a popularity contest thing.

On the US show, Sasha was a better dancer, but cutie Melanie won. 

On the Canadian one, Melisa was the strongest dancer, followed closely by Shane, and Lauren was also pretty good. Jordan is quite good, but not as much as the others... but at the start I said "She's flexible, and she's a redhead; she'll win." That's exactly what happened.
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I originally posted this in print, and it's a memory on my Livejournal, but it bears repeating today:

Read more... )

The architect of this evil act is now dead, but the act still happened, and I'll never forget it.
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 I was in Burlington, VT last weekend. Irene didn't touch there. Good thing, as my cousin got married there.

My youngest female cousin on my mom's side of the family is now married. I welcomed her husband to the family, and it was a lovely ceremony.

I have 3 more cousins on that side of the family still unwed, and me.
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I write fiction, but I realize and accept too my strengths in non-fiction.

Not only am I an award-winning fanzine author, and a 7-time published RPG author so far, but I've also had articles in many newsletters over the past 15 years... and I've recently written the text for a promotional pamphlet for work.

Many popular fiction authors today collected rejections for their tries before. I'm not near that level yet; hopefully I will someday. Until then I'll continue to work at it -- in both fiction and non-.
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Garfield was born on the street, so I don't know his exact birth-date. Unofficially we chose my mom's birthday for him too... so he's now around 2 years old.


Aug. 16th, 2011 10:53 am
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 The part of my nervous system that governs my vision is messed up, so I see double a lot. I bought an eye patch on the weekend to help focus my sight.

The timing is perfect: Talk Like a Pirate Day will be soon; now I'll be able to act with conviction on it!
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I was at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital for a checkup Wednesday.

Because of construction I needed a porter to get to my destination. While I waited a doctor recognized me and came over.

I was his singing partner as a street musician 25 years ago!

He went back to school and studied medicine. He's now a first year resident there.

Since we were both in Arts, that's a huge surprise.
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I didn't quit. I don't do that!

I had a major power failure in my building in mid-June, and my PC was down because of it.

A friend got me back on  and I now have a strong new surge protector on it. I've been rebuilding it since, restoring data backups and reinstalling apps.

Hopefully this won't happen again.
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With the lack of space in my apartment and the danger of the weight I need to stop getting paper comics. I don't want to give up reading them (I have a zine to keep up, after all) so I'm looking into digital ones.

I'm hoping you fellow readers can give me answers here:
1. DC and Marvel have this service, but is it for every title?
2. Do the other companies have them?
3. Could I read them on my PC, or would I need a different reader?


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