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- a lot has happened though!

1). I had to find a new Australasian nominator for DUFF. One of the ones I already had needed to recluse herself. As an incumbent administrator, her nominating me was a conflict of interest.

So I had to e-mail around to get a new one. I laughed when one guy who turned me down suggested I get a few years known behind my belt...between APAzines, letters in comics, letters in zines and my own award-winning one I have more than 20 years of experience!

He mentioned ANZAPA, the SF APA in Australia. I declined because a) it would dilute the time for my own zine b) joining an APA again would be a step backwards for me and c) costs would be too high for me.

2). Another potential shared notes for a panel on comics at a local Melbourne con. Regardless or not of my attendance I've offered to send him some info.

3). I wrote a piece for my prolific friend Chris Garcia's zine Annual. Chris deserves a Hugo for all that he does.

4). DUFF doesn't have a Facebook group, while TAFF does. Another project for me to start.

5). My zine is coming along nicely.

6). The DUFF ballot is now out. I'm one of 5 candidates, some with big credentials.

I'll do my best, but without animosity. The final vote is at 11:59 PM on Mar 31. May the best fan win!


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