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 Gleeks rejoice!  Last night (Friday) was the final season debut.

Most of the songs I didn't care for (Ariana Grande? Puh-leez!), but re-doing the video for Take on Me always makes me wistful.
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I saw my recording of this last night.

I was a little disappointed at both the major singing numbers were already featured in the commercial. there were 2 other numbers within the show, but neither was as big a deal.

I'm biased to Katherine McPhee. I think she should have won American Idol her year, not "Mike McDonald II". Here she's getting well-deserved exposuree.
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 Like last season, it started weak. It picked up 3 episodes in - and not just because Donny Most (Ralph Malph on Happy Days) was a guest star.  The stories are heating up.
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 Pan-Am. Two episodes in and it just doesn't grip me.
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I'm not much of a sports viewer, but there was really nothing else to watch while I ate supper, so I had it on.

If I'm stuck watching it I usually watch the Canadian coverage instead of the American. In the past we've spent time looking at competitors from other nations, while US coverage always seemed to forget that there were others. NBC seems to be smartening up on this, and CTV was reinforcing the stereotype that all Canadians like hockey (I am one, but hockey bores me) so I watched other events.

Short track skating helped me to appreciate the speed of Apolo Ohno. In qualifying he was far ahead of the other skaters.


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