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 Gleeks rejoice!  Last night (Friday) was the final season debut.

Most of the songs I didn't care for (Ariana Grande? Puh-leez!), but re-doing the video for Take on Me always makes me wistful.
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 I haven't updated in some time. I have to get back on the horse!

- 2014 was the 30th anniversary of my graduation from high school. My parents came here to get me and bring me up to the country; I'd been trying to arrange another ride for over a month with no luck, so this worked out.

I recognized some of my longtime friends, but not everyone - but they all recognized me.

One of my friends whispered to me, "Who are these old people?"

My answer: "They're us."

- 2014 I also began my first novel for print. I began my first attempt at crowdsourcing for it. I didn't get my full funding target. It was a learning experience for the next time though.

- This marked 7 years that I've been employed at Centre Action. This year I was EIC of the Centre newsletter.

- There was some sadness. I learned that a friend that I worked for in 1995-96, and was also the chairperson of Con*Cept from 86 through to the end of my run in 99, died back in October.

2015  will be the launch of my novel on Kindle, as well as some of my other publications. So, onward and upward!


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